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Pain Education 

Alison Sim

This three hour evening seminar will cover the basics of delivering pain education material to patients in the clinic. It will also look at ways to involve the patient’s goals and expectations in the way you plan a rehabilitation program.

Limited to 10 participants

July 18th, 7:30pm – 10:30pm

Brighton Spinal and Sports clinic

441 Bay St, Brighton


$40 full time students






Is your practice as evidence based as you think?

Whether you a starting out and building your practice, or you have an established clinic, times are changing in healthcare.

As healthcare costs increase due to an aging population, insurance companies, governments and even patients will become more selective about where they spend their limited healthcare resources. Demand will only increase for evidence based interventions, which will create a gap between  professionals who demonstrate evidence based practice and those who don’t.

While some practitioners push back against evidence based practice based on their own experience of maintaining a full list and “getting results”, the best practitioners are using a seamless blend of best practice evidence with their own accumulated knowledge and experience to deliver consistent outcomes for painful presentations.

Integrating an evidence based framework into your practice allows you to ensure you are delivering optimal treatment to all your patients and removes much of the “guesswork” involved in relying on experience to tell you what “worked” before and hoping it will work again. In an increasingly competitive health market, this becomes a point of difference.
Evidence keeps growing at a rapid pace for all kinds of conditions encountered on daily basis by manual and physical therapists including (but not limited to):

•Low back pain

•Neck pain

•Shoulder pain





With an increasing depth of knowledge on each topic comes an additional layer of complexity in practice that can be hard to integrate when you are busy consulting with patients and/or managing a business.

This is not just opinion.

A recent Cochrane Review including 41 RCTs found that “Patients with chronic LBP receiving Multi-disciplinary Biopsychosocial Rehabilitation are likely to experience less pain and disability than those receiving usual care or a physical treatment.”

That review looked at a total of 6128 studies to find those 41 high quality trials. That is a lot of research to be covered.  And that’s just low back pain.

Fortunately, there are some common themes that emerge for all conditions, which can be simplified into a principle based approach blending all three pillars of evidence based healthcare.

From Research to Practice, presented by osteopaths Alison Sim, Della Buttigieg and Nick Efthimiou will take you through a full day of clinical reasoning delivered through a combination of lectures, practical demonstrations and interactive discussions.

The day will cover the 4 key areas of a consultation performed by a typical therapist:

1 Evidence based history taking: active listening and building the therapeutic alliance (Alison)

2 A pain science approach to physical examination and functional assessment (Della)

3  A modern take on manual therapy: making sense of the evidence using a process approach (Nick)

4 Management: evidence based patient management, from rehab to rebooking (Combined)


Sunday 12 August, 2018


Brighton Spinal and Sports Clinic

441 Bay St Brighton

$400 including GST

To book: https://www.trybooking.com/UZPR


Headaches and migraines, Singapore

Presenter: Alison Sim

This four hour seminar is designed to help clinicians better understand the science behind chronic headaches and migraines and how to integrate this information into clinical practice.

The seminar will cover:

  • Classifications of headaches – why is it important to understand the different types of    headaches
  • Pain pathophysiology and the transition from acute to chronic conditions
  • Medication options for treatment – an overview
  • A comprehensive and up to date literature review of headache and migraine
    treatment approaches
  • How to incorporate this information to build a comprehensive management
    approach for patients
  • Practical demonstrations for manual therapy approaches
    This seminar is open to all manual and exercise therapists dealing with patients in pain.

This is limited to 10 participants

Cost:   $120 AUD

Date:   Sunday 21st October

4pm – 8pm

Venue:  Shangrila Apartments

1 Anderson Road

Singapore, 259983

To book:   https://www.trybooking.com/TZSY